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DJDingo Favorite Links

Here is my massive archive of favorites. I've been saving favorite links for over the past 5 years, and decided to share them with the world. They are separated by year, but in no particular order per year. Click each link to visit that site.

As far as I know, all these links are still good. If you find a dead link, please report it here.

2000 Favorites

Arcade@Home -- An video game emulation site.

AskJeeves -- Another websearch engine, but not the best.

Barcode Server -- A website where you can make your own barcodes.

Billboard --, find lists of current top songs.

BTTF -- The best fan site for Back To The Future movies.

CrazyShit -- A site full of funny pictures, videos, etc.

Decimal Birthday -- Find your decimal birthday, every 1000 days of your life. -- A CNet site full of free downloads, etc.

FontFreak -- Good place to get unique fonts.

FontMaster -- Good place to get unique fonts.

GameCopyWorld -- Great site for running game backups.

How to keep an idiot busy -- A fun little site, try it!

JCWhitney -- Great place to get car parts.

LAZER 103.3 -- My favorite radio station.

Kelley Blue Book -- Find out how much a car is worth here.

Lyrics Search Engine -- Find lyrics to your favorite songs here.

Mancow -- Mancow's Official Website. -- I don't know what's on here anymore, lots of crazy stuff I think.

MovieWavs -- An old, but good site to get sound clips from your favorite movies.

Nero -- Official website of Nero, the best CD/DVD burning software.

Perpetual Bubblewrap -- A fun little site to pop bubblewrap forever!

PhoneSpell -- Does your phone number spell something? Find out here!

Polk County Assessor's -- Find property values and information here. -- A site full of gross pictures. NSFW!

Shakespearean Insult Generator -- Insult like Shakespeare would!

SodaConstructor -- Fun site to make little walking robot-like thingies.

TerraServer -- Satellite pictures over the USA.

The DeathClock -- Find out when you're going to die.

The Dialectizer -- View websites in various dialects.

The Internet Movie Database -- Everything about every movie, great site.

The Reflex Tester -- Test your reflexes on this site!

Webtender -- Great site for looking up drink recipes, etc.

Tomb Raider -- Official Tomb Raider website.

Victoria's Secret -- Victoria's Secret Official website.

Vimm's Lair -- Site full of emulations and game ROMs.

JoeCartoon -- Funny cartoons at this site.

WinAmp -- A great MP3 player.

Registry Guide for Windows -- Database full of registry edits.

U.S. Colleges -- Links to every college website in the U.S.

2001 Favorites
BradBoard -- Top songs from past years. -- Great site to get CD covers for movies, games, etc.

Mail Wavs -- Site with humorous wavs for new mail from movies.

ConsumptionJunction -- Site with funny pictures, videos, etc. NSFW!

DIT -- Local computer store in town's website.

DriverGuide -- Great website to find driver's for about anything.

Geocaching -- "Find X on the map" kinda site using GPS, very fun stuff.

I Love Bacon -- Site with funny pictures, videos, etc.

Mega-Search -- Great search engine to find CD covers for movies, albums, etc.

Reverse IP Lookup -- Search for FQDN by IP address.

SissyFight -- Have a free sissy fight with other online gamers.

The Converter's Paradise -- Old site with lots of tools for converting files.

Robb's Unofficial Celebrity Pix -- Lots of nude pics of celebs, old site though.

Trashy Signs & Slogans -- Has lots of funny bumper stickers and quotes.

Wacky B -- A site completely devoted to instant messenger programs.

Weird Sites -- A page full of links to odd and weird websites.

World Sexual Records -- Sexual Records from around the world.

2002 Favorites
A Basic Course in Dvorak -- Dvorak is a different keyboard layout, learn it here!

Language Translator -- From

Javascript Battleships -- Play a game of Battleships versus the computer.

Know Your Schitt -- Funny flash video plus other fun games!

PC911 -- Tips for Windows.

U.S. National Debt Clock -- Keeps going up!

Zelda 64 Central -- Best site for finding out everything about Zelda 64.

2003 Favorites
CD Universe -- Great place to find songs from new albums.

CloneAD -- Great site on how to backup DVD's to DivX .avi's.

CollegeStories -- User submitted crazy stories from college.

Doom9 -- The Definitive DVD Backup Resource.

Dymin Computers -- Website of another local computer store.

EasyDivX -- Another DVD backup program website.

IowaAssessors -- Site for all assessor's websites for state of Iowa.

Kelly's XP Korner -- Tips and tricks with Windows XP.

MacComedy -- Site with Apple computers spoofs and funny videos.

PriceWatch -- The BEST site to find cheapest prices for PC parts online.

SPEpisodes -- Good site to download South Park episodes.

South Park Complete -- Another site all about South Park.

South Park Studios -- The Official South Park website.

Funny Bone -- Official site for the comedy club here in Des Moines.

VideoETA -- Find out when new movies are coming out on DVD.

Alien Astronomer -- A Site about aliens, UFO's and secret government projects.

AT&T Natural Voices -- A true text-to-speech demo, try it out!

Best Buy Sux -- Testimony from customers and employees how Best Buy Sux.

Burger King Holiday -- My favorite holiday song!

Got Futurama? -- A fan site dedicated to everything Futurama.

DSM Police -- Official site, you can even listen to the police scanner from here.

Click's -- Official website of Click's Cyber Bar & Grill.

IQ Test -- See what your IQ really is.

Free Essays -- Free Essays for class, don't need to write them ever again!

Free ROMs -- Free emulator ROMs here.

G4 -- Official website of G4 TV, one of my favorite channels.

Holiday Snowglobe -- Fun flash, shake it around!

Hollywood Video -- Website of video store, see whats now out!

Handwritten Clock -- Cool clock flash, check it out!

Iowa Courts -- See if any of your friends have been to court!

Mini ITX -- Awesome site all about small, modified PCs. -- Site all about cell phone hacking.

The Lumberyard -- Lumberyard's Official website, NSFW!

Urban Legends about Disney films -- Very interesting information here!

WinAmp Radio -- Internet radio stations can be found here.

Zap Wizard -- This guy is a moddin' GOD.

XP Bootscreens -- Change yours here! Not meant for SP2 though.

2004 Favorites
KZZQ 105.1 -- Another favorite radio station of mine.

BookPool -- Best site to get cheap technical books, especially for class.

Cannot Find Weapons of Mass Destruction -- Funny.

Extreme Disorder -- A site with gross pictures, don't go here. NSFW.

Free Practice -- Free practice exams for A+, MCSE, etc.

Learn Chinese Characters -- I tried looking up a symbol in it once.

NES Player -- Retro site all about Nintendo.

Something Awful -- Funny stories on this site.

South Park Chat -- A lot of behind-the-scenes information about South Park.

SpeakEasy -- Test your Internet connection speed.

Startup Applications List -- What's currently running on your PC? Find out here.

ThinkGeek -- Geek everything at this site.

Webopedia -- Computer Dictionary about computer and Internet terms.

RevengeWorld -- Nudes of ex's here. NSFW!

NavelManiac -- Pics of hot chicks bellybuttons.

Is Your Son A Computer Hacker? -- Hilarious read here.

Blackjack -- Fun, free blackjack game here.

Windows 2000 Resource Kit Tools -- Those can be downloaded here.

Free Flight -- Cool flash game of flying paper airplanes.

Free Webspace -- Nice search engine to find free webspace on the Internet.

Make your own voltage-regulated PC case fans -- Tutorial here.

Hack This Site -- Fun site with hacking challenges.

Happy Tree Friends -- Hilarious cartoons, not for kids!

Most Popular Free Signature on the Internet -- Check it out.

Virtual Fireworks -- Click in the sky to shoot them off!

Port Forward -- Nice site to help out boonies with router configurations.

Create a South Park character -- Create your own!

StatCounter -- Free webcounter/tracker for your website.

Steganography -- Make secret hidden files! Read about it here.

Stile Project -- Bad pictures/videos/etc. NSFW!!!

Bizarre Link Page -- Lots of bizarre links on this page. Fun Stuff.

TrendMicro -- Free online virus scan.

2005 Favorites
All Boot Disks -- Has lots of boot disks available for free download.

Check Domain -- Find out if a domain has already been taken or is up for sale.

Des Moines Area Interstate Cameras -- Click on each to see current picture.

Error Message Generator -- Make your own error messages.

Free Web Layouts -- Find free web layouts for web design.

GUI Gallery -- GUI gallery through memory lane, pretty neat website.

IP Address Locator -- Find where someone is by their IP Address.

OldVersion -- Find older versions of popular computer software here.

Singing Fish -- Search engine for audio/video.

Speed Demos Archive -- Videos of geeks who finish videogames in record times!

Stewie Griffin Soundboard -- Great for prank phone calls.

What works and doesn't work in Virtual PC -- See if that odd OS will work or not.

Make your own Linux Media Jukebox -- Tutorial here.

Blind Porn -- Very funny but not safe for work!

Put your name on boobies -- Very fun but not safe for work!

BugMeNot -- Let people share their porn passwords with you!

IRCSpy -- The most advance IRC search engine.

Not Pr0n -- The hardest game on the Internet, very fun though.

Misc. Disk Images -- Lots of goodies on this page.

Windows Server 2003 Trial -- Download Server 2003 for free!

Brillant Button Maker -- Make those neat looking buttons, easy and free!

ROM Nation -- Free videogame ROMs here.

More to come later...

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DJDingo's Favorites

DJDingo's Favorites

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