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Things DJDingo hates

I've decided to come up with a list of things I hate with an explanation for each one as why I hate it. This list is just for fun, so if I offend anyone reading this, get over it.

The Hate List (in no particular order)
1. Rice Burners -- The young kids who buy Hondas and trick them out like in the movie "The Fast and the Furious". That movie came out in 2001, four years ago, and it really wasn't that cool at that time anyways. They look gay and the mufflers on the cars just make it sound like a hyped-up RC car. The four-door ones are the worst. A 4-DOOR CAR IS NOT A SPORTS CAR!!! I get especially excited when I'm behind one of these, and they go over a bump and scrap up their underside because their car is too low. Funny stuff.

2. NASCAR -- An inbreeds favorite sport. Racing cars isn't a sport, especially racing around in a big circle 500+ times in a row. Not to mention the corporate take-over of the "sport", and the overwhelming sponsorships. Each car is a commercial on wheels. Corporations are taking over the world and they must be stopped, but somehow this is under the radar of NASCAR fans, and they are the ones who bitch the most about loosing their jobs overseas because of huge corporations.

3. Ashlee Simpson -- What a hack. Ever since that time she was on Saturday Night Live and got CAUGHT lip-syncing. She first blamed her band on it, then later said it was acid-reflux. What a stupid bitch. I'm not a fan of lip-syncing, but I can see it's place in concert. Especially if you are an artist who dances around throughout the entire concert. It would be almost impossible to do all the dance moves AND keep singing in tune the whole time, especially after 3 hours. But for Ashlee Simpson, she had ONE song to sing on SNL, and she lip-synched it, AND got caught! There are true artists out there that actually CAN dance and sing without lip-syncing through an entire concert, but I have no respect for ones that lip-sync for just one song. She also got booed at the Orange Bowl game earlier this year. Maybe 2005 will be the end of Ashlee Simpson's "so-called" singing career.

4. Apple Computers -- Why won't they just go away? I just don't agree with their whole "business philosophy"...what it is exactly is when Apple decides to come out with a new OS, any Apple users that want to upgrade must first buy a completely new computer to support it, and any software they currently have installed, they have to repurchase so it can be used for the new OS. How gay is that? I really hate those Apple computer nuts who say PC users are the idiots because we use Windows and Microsoft is evil. So they want us to switch to Apple where ONE company owns the hardware AND the software! Doesn't make any sense now does it? Backward-compatibility is such a beautiful thing.

5. Jaywalkers -- Anyone who crosses a street where they aren't supposed to. This especially comes into play when they walk VERY slowly to cross the street and cause the cars to slow down for them because they feel pedestrians ALWAYS have the right away under any circumstance. Pfft! I love slamming on the breaks at the last minute and making them shit themselves.

6. McDonalds commercials -- "I'm lovin' it"'s gotta go. EVERY McDonalds commercial has some sell-out singing the "I'm lovin' it" song, and each one is a bit different, but they all are annoying in the same amount. McDonalds is one of the biggest contributors to the "fattening-up" of America. Where the cheeseburgers have less fat content than their salads. But they sell apples now! Whatever.

7. Boonies -- What's a boonie? If you don't know you probably are one! hehehe I especially hate boonies who are in my classes. How'd you make it this far with what little knowledge you have? And when they continue to ask you questions about stuff they teach us on Day One. Boonies shouldn't be allowed in our field of expertise, but no need to worry, I highly doubt they will end up taking a job from us pros.

8. Bad endings to video games -- The normal price of computer games is currently $50. About EVERY game that comes out starts at $50, and eventually drops to $20 or lower over the course of a year or so. With that much money spent for the game, and not to mention the amount of time, sweat and tears you play the game, and try very hard to finish it only to find out the ending sucks balls?!? The ending of a game is like the cigarette after sex, it makes the whole experience just as good. But when the ending is very short or when it's just down right horrible, it just pisses us off and makes us hate the entire game and the time we wasted playing that game. It later leads to us not trusting the game's company and not purchasing any sequels or other games from the company in the future. So video game companies, want more money?, then make great endings on all your games, it will help you out in the long run.

9. Cisco -- I think I'm beating a dead horse with this one, but Cisco is horrible! Reading their books is like reading schematics for a fighter jet or something, just simply impossible to read. Not to mention the amount of typos in the book, and they are were it really counts too, so you don't know if they are saying one thing or another. The typos also cross over on the tests as well, so when you get that horrible score, it's usually from the typos. Oh, and you have to login to Cisco's website to take all your tests, but they login is unsecure, and anyone can get your login and password, we've done it in class! Cisco won't fix that of course, see my Cisco conversation about it here.

10. RIAA -- Recording Industry Association of America. These are the crooks that are suing people left and right from sharing mp3's. They fail to realize that since they shut down Napster (before it went to a paid service), they have not succeeded in stopping people from sharing music files. If they would of decided to do it right from the beginning, like regulating pay services and getting a percentage from it, they would of made a lot of money by doing so. But this "witch-hunt" style of crackdown isn't scaring anyone. There are many ways to still share files without the RIAA from ever finding out. Metallica was one of the first groups to want to ban p2p sharing, but just recently they came out and said that they don't care if people download mp3's anymore. What?!? They raised such a stink about it at first, but now they don't care? But Metallica realizes something that the RIAA doesn't, file sharing can never be stopped no matter how hard they try.

11. Iowa Hawkeyes -- Pierre Pierce is a criminal, go 'clones, nuff said. See attached pic.

12. People who still say, "I'm not worthy!" -- This is a line from the movie Wayne's World. This movie came out in 1992, 13 years ago, but people still say that line like it's going out of style. Well guess what, it did go out of style about a year after the movie was released! What really makes me sick is when celebrities say it like it's funny. Like when Tom Cruise said it on the Oprah show, barf. As if his bullshit grin wasn't enough for us to hate about him.

13. Overuse of the word "fresh" -- Watch TV commercials for fast food places, and you will see that almost ALL of them make it a point to use the word "fresh" when they describe their food. Fresh should be used to describe the status of fruits and vegetables, like this apple is fresh. It should NOT be used to describe fast food, like fresh fries, or fresh lettuce on this 2000-calorie burger. I think when people hear the word fresh, they automatically think the food must be good for them. It's brainwashing I tell ya!

14. People who still have John Kerry bumper stickers on their cars -- God, how long has it been since the election? He LOST! Scrap that damn thing off your piece of shit car already! Maybe no one can scrap them off. The Democratic party used super glue as adhesive for their bumper stickers? It's only been days since the election!!! Check this out.

15. Dennis Miller -- God I really hate this guy. He is NOT funny! Why do people laugh at his jokes? And I swear to god, he has to got to be the guest on about EVERY show I watch! Whenever he comes on, I just turn it. I don't get him. He's not even remotely funny. I was watching South Park tonight, and afterwards he was on The Daily Show. I think The Daily Show isn't very funny at all, Jon Stewart is a cool cat, but his humor is just weird. Then came out Dennis Miller...grrrr!!! On Leno, Miller is a guest like once a month, I swear to God! And when he's on, he's the ONLY guest on, so he shoots garbage out of his mouth for the entire show. Please, join me in this fight together, to end Dennis Miller.

16. People that sit too far away from the car in front of them at a stop light -- You know when there's a stop light, you pull up to the car in front of you with some reasonable distance between your car and that car, which is usually 4-6 feet. But then you look over next to you and it looks like there's no car next to you but then you see it behind the car about 10-20 feet back just sitting there with all that extra room between them? That pisses me off. You could fit another car in between there, but they think they are all high and mighty and their Lexus SUV that's never went offroading or heaven forbid, drove through a fucking puddle in their life, so they sit back there like they are the shit. Then when the light turns green, you have to wait an extra 5 seconds for them to move and they have all that extra distance to pull up to get through the light and what happens when you get up there? Red light, every time. It just makes the line at the stop light longer and makes less traffic able to move through that intersection because some asshole needs that 20 feet of "bumper space". Grrr...

17. People who own SUV's who never use them to their full potential -- I'm sorry, I used to own a Jeep Wrangler, it was my favorite vehicle I ever owned and I cannot WAIT to get another one. It's an SUV and an offroading vehicle. For me NOT to take it offroading would be just a waste, so I did quite often and had a ton of fun doing it. What pisses me off is all these goddamn soccer mom/yuppie bitches that drive a brand new, 5 mpg $40k+ SUV and it's "big job" is going to the grocery store. I hate it when you're following an SUV and they slow WAY down for speed bumps, WTF?!? It's like a 60-year old man who owns a brand new convertible Corvette, drives it one week a year and sits in the garage the rest of the time, and he never had it over 35mph. What a fucking waste. Like buying a swimming pool, but never go swimming. Buying a DVD, but never watch it. What's the point?

18. DMACC Administration -- DMACC is a great school, great teachers and you get a great education. But the Administration at DMACC don't know their ass from a hole in the wall. From the time you decide to go to DMACC till the time you sit in class, it is an absolute NIGHTMARE. These people have no business doing what they do because they all suck at it so bad! One time they told me I had to drive up there, get a form, hunt down the director of my program, have him sign it and turn it in to them. I did all that, then a week later they were asking me to do it again. Come to find out, they LOST it! They lost my paper, but then at this time, they tell me they didn't really need it anyways. WTF?!? Because of a DMACC scheduling error, I had to wait another whole year to take my last required class, then I can finally graduate. I got a letter the other day from DMACC saying I'm now 28 credits SHORT of graduating! WTF?!? I'm sure it's some kind of error, but they just let their computers print whatever they want and no one seems to look them over before they are mailed out, I swear to God. Anyways, DMACC Administration sucks, I'd compare them to trained monkeys, but then the monkeys would be insulted.

19. Cell phone reception -- When did cell phone usage really take off? I'm guessing around 1995 or so is when everyone started to get cell phones. Now a days you can't live without one. Remember back in the day when having a cell phone meant that you were king shit? Anyways...what I'm really ranting about here is cell phone reception. It's been over TEN YEARS since cell phone usage really took off, and is cell phone reception any better? How many times during a day does your call not go through? How many times in a day do you drop a call? How many times in a day do you have to walk around to find the 'sweet spot'? It's been ten years and the technology really hasn't progressed by that much. Maybe one day all calls will be crystal clear, dropped calls were a thing of the past, and "can you hear me know?" will be long day...

20. Cheaters in video games -- These lamers piss me off. Sure a video game is just a game, I know, but for any game to be fun there has to be rules and things have to be fair. When you're trying hard to end up the winner and some 13 year old fuck comes along and makes IMPOSSIBLE shots without even trying and quickly takes the lead, you know immediately they're cheating. Sure they come up with anti-cheat measures, but they find ways around them. Just like virus-writers outwitting anti-virus software, it's a continuing battle. But why do these damn kids cheat? So they can brag to their friends their high score? It doesn't count, you cheated! If you want to get good at a game, it takes a lot of practice. That's how all of us got this good. You cheat and you can't get good without the cheat. Fucking weak. It reminds me of this video. It may be fake, but I'd LOVE to do this!

More to come when something else pisses me off...

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