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Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta

I got my hands on a working copy of Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta. Found out it will ONLY install on Windows XP SP2 though, and since I just had SP1 on my Virtual PC, I copied that installation, upgraded it and installed IE 7.0. Took some screenshots with some comments to add, so check it out!

(Click each thumbnail to enlarge picture)

A First Look

My first look at IE7, is this Firefox?!? Looks almost exactly like Firefox. Ah well, has some of Firefox's nice features such as tabbed browsing, and the search address bar.


Here's proof it is what I say it is, IE 7.0!


I couldn't resist NOT going to my own website with it! LOL


Here's a new feature, the Phishing Filter. Does Firefox have that?


Now click one button to delete all your tracks, great for public computers!


Here's a list of the default search engines you can use.


And this one is for my friends. That page displays correctly in Firefox, but not in IE6 because of the lack of .PNG transparency. But guess what, IE7 displayed it correctly! Wow!

I have to say I was impressed with it though. There really wasn't a lot to take pictures of because the entire layout was simple, VERY simple. I think IE got so complicated with the extra shit it accumulated over the years, that it's good for it to start over again being simple. I'd almost install it on my own PC, but there is no uninstallation file, and it may be buggy as well. But remember, that was just a beta, so a lot could change on IE7 from now till when it's released. For those open-source hippies that say Microsoft is stealing from Firefox, all I got to say is this, open-source IS open-source, no matter who you are!

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Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta