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Picture of the week Archives 2005

This is the Picture of the week Archives for 2005. Need more pictures to look at? Check out my Picture Gallery.

Week of December 25th

Merry Christmas Geeks!

Week of December 18th

Santa Strikes Again!

Week of December 12th

My PC at work.
I can't look at this without laughing!

Week of December 4th

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!
(Right-click, select Play. Have sound on!)

Week of November 27th

Watch the doggie hump.

Week of November 20th

Gotta start 'em young!
Thanks Lisa & Jason for pic!

Week of November 13th

Some people don't deserve to have a computer.

Week of November 6th

Giggitty giggitty gig-git-ty! 

Week of October 30th

Happy Halloween!

Week of October 23rd

Some retard trying to show off.

Week of October 16th

There was only one question on the test for this, and I STILL missed it!

Week of October 9th

...and the small blue car takes the lead!

Week of October 2nd

GMail = Women

Week of September 25th

Chewie the groper.

Week of September 18th


Week of September 11th

At least Sim City got it right.

Week of September 4th

Funny handicaps!

Week of August 28th

When tattoo artists can't spell...

Week of August 21st

The NEW fuel gauges!

Week of August 14th

New t-shirt, I need one!

Week of August 7th

Can't click this, it IS enlarged!

Geek tattoos are funny!

Week of July 31st

Introducing the Control-Alt-Delete Bikini! Try pressing all three of those buttons with one hand!

Week of July 24th

Can't click this, it IS enlarged!

This actually happened! lol

Week of July 17th

Stupid, but funny!

Week of July 10th

Simple HTML code

Week of July 3rd

Happy July 4th everybody!!!

Week of June 26th

I will have to agree with that statement!

Week of June 19th

It's official who finally won...

Week of June 12th

I hope someday I don't get a job where I have to see this on the first day. This is what nightmares are made of!

Week of June 5th

Paris is soon to be marrying her boyfriend who is also named Paris?!
LMAO, he has a girl name!

Week of May 29th

Ladies, get your Phone Thong today!

Week of May 22nd

XBox 360 or Playstation 3? Screw it, buy them both...

Week of May 15th

Episode III comes out this week!

Week of May 8th

A new look at Longhorn...let's see if Microsoft asks me to take this pic off my site!

Week of May 1st

[insert mouse joke here]

Week of April 24th

Who can't speak in Binary?

Week of April 17th

Aren't kids cute?

Week of April 10th


Week of April 3rd

He was a rockin' Pope.

Week of March 27th

Can't click this, it IS enlarged!

Funny Animation

Week of March 20th

Click to enlarge!

The RIAA's Safety Guide to the beach. So true!!!

Week of March 13th

Total geek pic. If you can't read this, you're such a boonie!

Week of March 6th

I've done it! My modem mod is complete. Say hello to my new external Hard Drive enclosure.

The famous Martha poncho

Week of February 27th

I've done it! I'm such a geek...but it's better than a boonie!

Week of February 20th

Paris Hilton...pwned!

Week of February 13th

Happy Valentine's Day!

Week of February 6th

Should we tell him why the other mouse isn't moving?

Week of January 30th

Here's a picture of that "Attention Whore" (But heavily Photoshopped!)

Week of January 23rd

Young Mr. Bill Gates (do you have your copy?)

Week of January 16th

I just drool looking at's a geek thing! (Thanks Jessie for pic!)

Week of January 9th

Why can't this PC get a dialtone?

Week of January 2nd

LAN Party picture

Week of December 26th

Anyone else sick of winter yet?

Week of December 19th

There comes an end to every snowman's life...

Week of December 12th

Every kid finds out sooner or later

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POTW Archives 2005

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