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Picture of the week Archives 2006

This is the Picture of the week Archives for 2006. Need more pictures to look at? Check out my Picture Gallery.

Week of December 31st

Happy 2007 Everyone!

Week of December 24th

The hottest men's underwear ad I've seen!

Week of December 17th

Contra...Lego style!

Week of December 10th

Three Stages In A Man's Life.

Week of December 3rd

Firefox Extensions OVERKILL!

Week of November 26th

One busy airport!

Week of November 19th

When YouTube goes down, the Internet STOPS.

Week of November 12th

The Nintendo Family Tree.

Week of November 5th

WOW players have no souls.

Week of October 29th

Happy Halloween!

Week of October 22nd

Hilarious stick animation!

Week of October 15th

I'd wreck my car if I saw this on the Interstate!

Week of October 8th

...but you got a free big cookie out of it! LOL

Week of October 1st

Death by cookies?

Week of September 24th

Do It Yourself Therapy?!? YOUCH!!!

Week of September 17th

And you thought you're having a bad day...

Week of September 10th

One creepy Mario Bros. Painting

Week of September 3rd

RIP Steve Irwin

Week of August 27th

I feel drunk just looking at this!

Week of August 20th

Blue Screen Of Death on the USS Enterprise.

Week of August 13th

Nintendo FREAK

Week of August 6th

I LOVE this shirt!!!

Week of July 30th

Rare pictures from WWII.

Week of July 23rd

Milk Crate Tetris

Week of July 16th

How NOT to fasten a CPU fan to the motherboard.

Week of July 9th

The Code: Live by it, die by it.

Week of July 2nd

The new Al Gore movie.

Week of June 25th

Some things are better bought new.

Week of June 18th

God Rocks.

Week of June 11th

Donkey Kong's Last Supper

Week of June 4th

Emo kids deserve a punch!

Week of May 28th

Awesome animation.

Week of May 21st

Poor little feller.

Week of May 14th

The Salsa-Goatse!

Week of May 7th

Oh noes!!!

Week of April 30th

Internet Lingo. A guide for boonies.

Week of April 23rd

Giant Duck Hunt!

Week of April 16th

Happy Easter!

Week of April 9th

Awesome Lego Stadium. But what happens when it rains?

Week of April 2nd


Week of March 26th

Ice is back with a brand new invention.

Week of March 19th

How was your St. Patty's Day celebration?

Week of March 12th

So True.

Week of March 5th

Ads in foreign countries are SO much better than ours!

Week of February 26th

This was made in MS Paint!!!

Week of February 19th

Funny comic.

Week of February 12th


Week of February 5th

What would you put on this hard drive table, FAT32 or NTFS?

Week of January 29th

Check out this new laptop I'm getting!

Week of January 22nd

Open 24 Hours, if you can figure out the schedule!

Week of January 15th

XBox 360 & Dell PC. No wonder a lot of those 360's crash, Dell computers suck!

Week of January 8th

Swipe a sock?

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POTW Archives 2006

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